Peplink Balance SD-WAN Router

Peplink Balance SD-WAN router

Take advantage of Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) and Peplink patented SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding Hybrid WAN, to increase bandwidth and network reliability, for fast and reliable data, VoIP, video streaming and other applications.

With a Peplink Balance SD-WAN router, you can use different wired internet technologies and providers, at the same time or as backup. This gives you more bandwidth than any individual provider can offer and keeps your network up when individual links go down.

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Peplink Balance SD-WAN router

Frequently Asked Questions


Conventional internet router has one ethernet WAN port to connect to one internet connection. Peplink Balance SD-WAN router has multiple ethernet WAN ports to connect to multiple internet connections.

Each internet connection will be plugged into a different ethernet WAN port on the Peplink Balance router for use simultaneously or as backup.

4G LTE SIM can be inserted in an off-the-shelve USB 4G LTE modem and then plugged into the USB port on the Peplink Balance for use alongside the rest of the wired internet connections or as backup as well.


Whether your Lease Line/MPLS or other kind of private line is a strictly point-to-point private network connecting to your branch offices or a mixed private network with public internet connectivity, you can plug it to the Peplink Balance for use alongside the rest of the wired private or public internet connections or as or as backup.

You can setup Outbound Policies, on the Peplink Balance web admin interface, to tell it which Lease Line to use for branch office traffic and which other ones to use for internet traffic, or any mix and match of them to fit your routing needs.

Please see this blog post on choosing the right model for your needs.

Yes. And it takes only a couple of minutes to setup.

Whether your VoIP phones are in a dedicated VoIP VLAN, or are identified by reserved IP or specific MAC addresses, you can setup Outbound Polices, on the Peplink Balance web admin interface, to tell it to always send traffic from the VoIP phones on a particular Fibre internet.

Yes. And it takes only a couple of minutes to setup.

You can setup a couple of Outbound Polices on Peplink Balance web admin interface to tell it to prioritise traffic from a certain VLAN on these internet connections, whereas another VLAN is enforced on only one internet.

Outbound Policy features 7x advance algorithms for your every routing need.

Software Defined WAN for Fast and Reliable Internet

Peplink Balance SD-WAN router allows you to use multiple internet connections, of different technologies, at the same time. You can add more bandwidth to your network easily by simply adding extra internet connection.

If one or more of your internet connection fails, Peplink will automatically gear traffic to the other internet connections to keep your network always connected.

Learn more about SD-WAN
Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding Hybrid WAN

SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding Hybrid WAN

Peplink Balance SD-WAN router can use Peplink’s patented SpeedFusion technology to combine Fibre, DSL, Lease Line, MPLS, IPVPN, 4G LTE/3G, or any mix and match of private and public internet connections, into a single bonded data-pipe to other Peplink Balance or Pepwave MAX SD-WAN routers.

This Hybrid WAN data-pipe bonds bandwidth, secures traffic with industry standard AES 256 bit encryption, and seamlessly gears traffic away from troubled networks.

Learn more about SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding Hybrid WAN

MediaFast Content Caching to Reduce Threat Response Time and Bandwidth Usage

Selected Peplink Balance SD-WAN router models feature MediaFast Content Caching. This allows the SD-WAN router to seamless cache critical app and security updates in its built-in SSD storage, to ensure immediate delivery to vulnerable hosts requesting them, thereby reducing threat response time as well as bandwidth usage.

Video and other web content can also be cached for uninterrupted playback and unlimited access anytime, without additional bandwidth usage and congesting the network.

Learn more about MediaFast Content Caching
MediaFast Content Content Caching

Built to Last

Built for critical operation, Peplink Balance SD-WAN router runs for years without interruption and handles network traffic that would crush lesser equipment.

Peplink invites users to participate in the Reliability Challenge to share with the community their Peplink device uptime and usage.

Current record holder has 1,134 days of uptime and counting, and up to 52.4 TB usage per month.


days of uptime and counting


TB of usage per month

Cloud-based Remote Provisioning, Monitoring and Management

Peplink makes advance functionality easy.

Peplink Balance SD-WAN router comes with an intuitive and user-friendly web admin interface.

Peplink also provides a cloud-based remote management and monitoring tool – InControl 2. You can register your all your Peplink devices on InControl 2 and use it to monitor, manage, configure email notifications, or apply new configurations, to hundreds or thousands of devices, in a few clicks.

And you can receive instant push notification, of changes in your network, to your Apple mobile devices with the free Peplink InControl 2 mobile app.

Learn more about InControl 2

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